All applications for admission must be submitted on the official application forms of the Seminary that are available from the Registrar. The deadline for the submission of all documents is in accordance with the academic calendar for each year.

The supporting documents listed below must be in the Registrar’s office before an application can be formally approved.  Forms for all the supporting documents are provided in the application packet.  All documents submitted become the property of the Seminary.

A completed application form, a non-refundable application fee must be paid.

  1. Part 1, Health History, of the Student Health Form is due with all other application materials. Students accepted for admission to the Seminary must also submit the Physician’s Medical Report, including a reading of a chest x-ray.
  2. The Physician’s Report is required on or before the date of Freshman Orientation.
  3. A high school transcript is required. Transcripts reporting postsecondary educational experiences are also required. Each transcript must be mailed to the Seminary directly from the school providing it, or be received in a sealed and signed envelop.
  4. National exam scores demonstrating a pass in each section of the exam are required for prospective students who have graduated from high school since 1984. Students should provide the original certificate and a copy will be made by the Registrar’s Office and the original will be returned to the applicant.
  5. Three (3) letters of recommendation are required. It is recommended that these be provided by (1) a former teacher or principal (2) a current or former employer (if any) (3) a close associate (not a relative) who has known you for at least three years. Completed forms must be mailed or brought to the seminary by those making the recommendation.
  6. A letter from the pastor verifying the applicant’s church involvement, call to Christian service, and a letter of recommendation from the church are required.
  7. Letter of endorsement from the applicant’s church signed by an official other than the pastor.
  8. A statement describing the formative influences on the student’s life, his/her religious commitment, and his/her vocational plans for the future must be provided.
  9. There must be a record of at least one personal conference with a representative of the Seminary. (Conferences are arranged for persons who make a pass on the entrance exam).
  10. The applicant must present a financial statement which will provide information regarding the source from which the student expects to receive financial support.
  11. Two (2) passport size photos are required.
  12. Non-Liberian students are responsible for meeting all current Liberian government regulations for foreign students. This must be verified by presenting appropriate documents to the Registrar’s Office.
  13. All married students must provide official copies of their marriage certificates.

Consideration for admission will be based upon the information contained in the above listed documents, entrance examination scores, and personal conferences. It should be noted that admission into the Seminary is not a guarantee to continue enrollment. Students admitted must adhere to all rules and regulations governing the academic, social and spiritual lives at the Seminary.

Requirements for Admission to a Degree Program after Obtaining the Diploma of Theology from LBTS

The Seminary no longer offers a Diploma of Theology, but will honor that certification as a prelude to pursuing either the BA/Th or the BA/RE, as noted below.

A Diploma of Theology graduate from LBTS applying for admission to a degree program must meet the following requirements:

1.       Have at least a 2.0 Cumulative GPA on degree credit-bearing courses at the end of Diploma work.

2.      Meet the degree level qualifications on the current Entrance Examination. This includes attaining the required minimum Reading Grade Level of 9.0 while previously enrolled in EN 101/102 or upon re-sitting the Entrance Examination.

3.      Have a pass on all parts of the National Examination (WAEC). This applies to those with high school graduation from 1984 or later.

4.      Submit a recommendation from his/her church for continuing study.

5.      Submit a written statement of his/her personal rationale for further study.

6.      Have the recommendation of the LBTS faculty based upon applicant’s maturity as reflected in past conduct as a student, personal relationship, and potential for ministry and further study at LBTS.

7.      Pay the application fee and submit any and all admission materials required by the Registrar’s Office.

8.      Have met all previous financial obligations to the Seminary and demonstrate adequate financial ability to continue study.

9.      Only previous courses where a C or better will be considered to be applied to a higher degree.


10.   Agree to meet every curricular requirement of the current Handbook.

The purpose for granting the provisional admission status is to allow for the enrollment of persons who have the potential and who within one year can demonstrate their ability to perform satisfactorily at the baccalaureate degree level.

The Objectives of the Provisional Entrance Program are:

  1. To provide remedial studies to some students to determine their ability to do satisfactory academic work at the baccalaureate degree level.
  2. Students enrolled will have a maximum of one year to demonstrate their ability to meet the academic requirements of degree level work. Such students will be identified as “provisional students.”
  3. They will be required to enroll in a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 9 semester hours each semester. This total includes ENGL 101 and ENGL 102 and MATH 101 and MATH 102. If the student completes 9 hours each semester, the remaining hours should include BBTS 101 and  BBTS 103
  4. Students will have the provisional status removed by:
  5. Achieving a minimum grade of “B” in ENGL 101 and “C” in ENGL 102 and,
  6. Achieving a minimum 2.0 Grade Point Average during the first semester’s course of study during the year of provisional entrance.

Any student who fails to satisfy the above conditions will be required to withdraw from the Provisional Program and from the Seminary, and will be re-admitted by achieving a standard pass from a re-take of the entrance examination.

A student readmitted in accordance with the above will be placed on Academic Probation.  He/she will be required to retake courses in which a grade of “F,” and “D” were received.

Failure to maintain a 2.0 average may result in further suspension from the Seminary.

There are four (4) circumstances that require a student to reapply for admission to the Seminary:

  1. A student may have experienced financial challenges that required s/he interrupt enrollment.
  2. A student may have been suspended for failure to meet Seminary minimum academic standards (grade point of 2.0).
  3. A student may have been suspended for violating Seminary standards of academic integrity (cheating or plagiarism).
  4. A student may have been suspended for violating Seminary standards of personal ethics and/or may have been encouraged to take some time off to sort through personal issues.

In each case a student seeking readmission should complete the following process:

  1. Submit a formal letter requesting readmission to the Director of Admissions to be shared with the appropriate administrators (President, Academic Dean, and Dean of Students/Campus Pastor). The letter should include (a) specific reasons for the interruption of study, (b) careful descriptions of how the student has addressed the circumstances that led to the interruption of study, and (c) a statement of resolve to succeed.
  2. Submit a specific statement of financial support that will allow the student to continue with her/his program of study.
  3. Submit the readmission fee of $10.00 USD to the Director of Finance.

Under all circumstances, readmitted students must meet the requirements of the current Handbook.

Readmission is only possible for a period of three years following an interruption of a student’s enrollment. After three years the process of admission must start over with all requirements of first admission.

Work-study Opportunities on Campus

The Seminary provides opportunities for students with financial challenges to apply for work-study opportunities. In exchange for required hours of work on campus students may receive tuition/fee credits at the end of each semester.

A limited number of students may be accepted into the Pa Joseph Flomo Work-study each semester and may earn US $2.00 per hour of work. All interested students must submit their applications through the Director of the Work Study Program prior to the commencement of each semester.